Hi, I'm Brennan. I'm glad you're here!

At Our Home on Purpose, I help busy people like you create margin in their lives through what I call homemaking on autopilot.


More than just tips, tricks, or checklists, these systems intentionally leverage the power of:

  • rotations & routines,
  • reusable resources, and
  • habits

to minimize the thoughttime, and willpower involved in the most common home stressors.


Whether it is taking care of your home, planning & preparing food, or managing all of life’s admin, I am passionate about creating smart systems that streamline your processes and handle the mental work for you.

Each resource I create is focused on 3 main areas.


Homemaking is not one-size-fits-all. Generic checklists can feel more burdensome than helpful. We need systems that are personalized to meet our needs and custom-fit to everyday life.


We spend too much time recreating the wheel and too much mental energy tracking every little thing in our heads.  Rotating, recurring, reusable systems can do that work for us.


The secret to systems that really work and actually last? HabitsWe need to shift our focus from constantly mustering up willpower to using research-based strategies to form lasting habits.

Is homemaking on autopilot right for you?

I know I’m not the first person to blog about simplicity and efficiency, and certainly not the only one to share solutions for homemaking. Fortunately, there are many approaches available, and we can find the one that suits us best!

If you feel…

  • Constantly overwhelmed by all the things that need to get done
  • Mentally overloaded by making decisions and replaying a mental to-do list
  • Unmotivated, pressed for time, tired, and/or bored trying to implement past systems
  • Frustrated and disappointed by generic resources don’t fit your home or circumstances

If you desire to…

  • Rest, knowing things will be accomplished as needed
  • Feel confident and assured that your routines will keep things running smoothly – despite life’s ups & downs
  • Free up mental space by relying on a system to do the work of keeping track of all the moving pieces
  • Shift time & focus to meaningful priorities by streamlining household responsibilities

If you value…

  • Honesty and authenticity
  • Efficiency and simplicity
  • Predictability and structure
  • Long-term solutions and lasting change

You’re in the right place.

Ready to get started?

If you feel like “homemaking on autopilot” is exactly what you’ve been missing, 

then check out the full directory of solutions – from Our Home on Purpose and others!