Hi there!

I’m Brennan, behind Our Home on Purpose since 2017.

I’m married to Evan (the best decision I’ve ever made) and I’m mom to Declan (the best gift I’ve ever received). 

We live in South Carolina (USA) – characterized by old green trees, rolling hills, hot humid summers, once-a-year snow, and college football.

I love nothing more than a hug from my husband, a belly laugh from my toddler-son, a coffee date with a lifelong friend, or a solid reference to Parks & Rec or Harry Potter. 

I’m a little obsessed with the Enneagram. Type One for better or for worse.

When I grow up, I want to be like Brene Brown. Mixed with James Clear. And maybe a little Marie Kondo. One can dream.




I have a degree in business management – which influences the way I see my home.

I love pulling from ideas like task & time management, process automation, economies of scale, just-in-time production (sorry, got real nerdy there!) and applying the essence of these best practices to homemaking. 

My work experience, however, is almost exclusively in the nonprofit sector. Probably why I focus on simplicity, saving money, and being resourceful 😉

But more than anything, I love being a part of creating good change, and I hope that by sharing these solutions, I can be a part of the change you desire in your home. 


In regards to both my home and this online space, I try to align my life with my ultimate values.

Here’s what is important to me. I hope you’ll find them to be true in your time here. 

Efficiency & Simplicity

Given the time constraints on all of us, I try to use clear, reliable systems - without a lot of moving pieces or potential for confusion.


I believe that the only way to help others (and even ourselves!) is through honesty and transparency. I will not lie to you about "quick and easy" solutions or "hacks". Most of homemaking - especially building long-term habits - is hard work and requires intention. But I will absolutely be here to make that work as easy to implement as possible and find ways to work smarter, not harder.

Realistic perspective

We’re all humans, not robots. Unattainable goals and perfectionistic standards are counterproductive, demotivating, and – ultimately – unkind. Though it is sometimes an uphill battle for me, I choose to focus on achieving what is good-enough and functional, and always celebrate progress.

lasting change

Solutions are only as good as how long they last. I develop my own personal systems and any I share at Our Home on Purpose in the context of long-term habits, healthy mindsets, and the ability to adapt to life’s changes.


If you feel like “homemaking on autopilot” is exactly what you’ve been missing, 

check out my full guide of solutions – from Our Home on Purpose & others!

Or reach out to Brennan directly!