Amazon’s Best Products for Quick, Simple Cleaning & Organizing

I’m a strong believer that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to keep your home clean, tidy, and organized. But if you’re looking to save time, streamline, or simply splurge to make cleaning a little more enjoyable – I’m all about having the right products on your side!!

Since moving into our home, I’ve slowly acquired products – both big and small – that have helped me

  1. clean faster & more efficiently, or
  2. keep our home more organized and therefore easier to clean!

I hope you’ll find something that will do the same for you.

(PS – they also make great gifts for “clean freaks”. Speaking on behalf of all of us, we won’t be offended to get a mop for Christmas. ?)

best products for a clean and organized home

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Best Products for Kitchen

These pot-scrapers* are tiny but mighty. I grew up with one constantly in my mother’s kitchen, and they make baked-on or sticky messes so much easier to clean up!

Not sure why it took me so long, but I finally purchased this small brush set* a few years ago and I love knowing I’ll have the right size on hand for any cleaning.

Another thing I waited way too long to buy — did you know that a magazine rack or book ends* can be a great way to organize your cutting boards, pot lids, etc.? Not only does it make it more organized, it also saves me so much time from straightening them up all of the time 😉

Best Products for Bathroom

Talk about a time-saver, this drill brush cleaning attachment set* is brilliant! With the right power drill, it takes care of all the scrubbing action and is so efficient.

I also love this shower caddy*. It is perfect for organizing shampoos, soaps, and other bath accessories – but I also love that it keeps bottles away from surfaces can often mildew or rust when wet.

Best Products for Floors & Furniture

What is the best steam mop under $100 on the market to buy, steam mop on a budget, bissell steam mop

The Bissell Steam Mop* – I could talk about it for a long time (see my full post here!) but this definitely is a time-saver. Only using water, it disinfects and cleans any spot you throw at it. It is one of my favorite household products!

While these are not the exact dusting cloths* we have – a friend bought us ours at a local hardware store – these are such a great tool to have on hand! The microfiber locks in dust and doesn’t require any dusting spray or cleaner. Definitely makes things quicker and simpler! 

Best Products for Laundry and Cleaners

Mesh laundry bags* can be used for protecting delicate items, for separating items with hooks or loose strings from getting tangled with others, or for keeping pairs of small items together (like socks). We got ours from Bed, Bath, and Beyond when we got married but this set on Amazon looks like a great deal!

And when it comes to drying, this hanging dryer* is genius. It is so compact when folded and also when in use. If you have a lot of delicates or if you use cloth-diapers, this is especially handy!

This pull-out tower* is such a perfect organizer for many laundry rooms. Ours fits right between our washer and dryer and is a great place for cleaners, cleaning towels, laundry supplies and more.

I have recently committed to making more homemade, natural cleaners (thanks to a baby exploring our floors and furniture!) and these spray bottles* are amazing. I love that they are budget-friendly, beautiful, AND just great sprayers.

Lastly, when it comes to saving time cleaning, you *must* have a tote to hold your go-to cleaners. I always keep my bathroom supplies and wash rags ready to pick up and go. This clear tote* has worked well for us!

Best Products for Closet & Miscellaneous Organization

This behind-the-door organizer* is the perfect solution for small spaces. We use one in our laundry room to keep medicine categorized and out of kids’ reach, but it would be perfect in any closet, pantry, or room.

Tangled necklaces are in my all-time LEAST favorite things, and the reason I got this jewelry organizer* for my birthday a few years ago. (No shame that I love this stuff as gifts ?) It gets the job done at a great price.

Definitely in my top-5 favorite products, this gift-wrap organizer* is so helpful. I love that it can be used in any closet and stores all kind of wrapping paper, boxes, bags, tissue paper, and more.

If you’re looking for general storage, this brand of storage cubes* is by FAR the best deal I’ve seen. We love them!

And lastly, this woven bin* is high-quality for a great price. It is perfect for toys, blankets, or any miscellaneous catch-all 🙂

What are your favorites?

I’d love to hear about the perfect products you’ve found to make your cleaning routines or home organization easier. I know we all have things we swear by, and sharing is caring ?

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