The Really Good, Really Cheap Mattress You Need In Your Life

Have you ever been mattress shopping? It can feel super weird, right?

Evan and I experienced this a few years ago. Fun fact: our first several years of marriage were spent in a *full* bed. We’re tiny people, so it was okay. But at a certain point, we felt like adults and decided to upgrade to a Queen. (Which all our friends thought was hilarious.)

We casually strolled into our local MattressFirm not really knowing what we wanted – except we knew we were not spending $3,000 on a mattress. We tried out pillow-tops and spring mattresses, soft & firm, and too many pillows.

While I was feeling lots of buyer’s anxiety, my husband (being the perfect millennial) was searching on Amazon for the best mattresses, too. What he realized is that MUCH cheaper mattresses had very similar components to the memory-foam ones in the store, even the Tempur-Pedic options upwards of $2,000.

best mattress to buy mattress topper cheap mattress memory foam
Actual layers in the much cheaper option!

At about a tenth of the cost, we decided to give it a try. Just two days later (hooray Amazon Prime!), our wonderful mattress arrived at our door- vacuum-sealed & rolled up like a burrito. After releasing it and letting it settle for a couple of days, we put it on our bed and have never looked back!!

best mattress to buy mattress topper cheap mattress memory foam

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Why We Love the Zinus Memory Foam Mattress*:

1.  You literally sink into this the moment you lie down. Not too far that you feel smothered. Just the right amount – like a hug. ❤

2.  It’s not bouncy in that annoying way spring mattresses are. This also alleviates pain points and supports your whole body.

3.  The cover is super soft! (We, embarrassingly enough, slept on it without sheets the first few nights because our queen-sized ones hadn’t arrived and we couldn’t wait.) Wasn’t even a big deal.

best mattress to buy mattress topper cheap mattress memory foam

4.  It comes with a 10-year warranty just like all those fancy mattresses!

5. You can zip off the cover and wash it!

best mattress to buy mattress topper cheap mattress memory foam

6.  We’ve had 0 problems within the past 2 years, and we know others who have had it over 5 years with no issues.

7. It fits every need! It comes in any combination of the following sizes:

Bed SizeThickness
Twin6 inch
Full8 inch
Queen10 inch
King12 inch

8. Also, did I mention it is incredibly affordable??

This is hands-down the best purchase we’ve made in YEARS, and I’ve kind of become an evangelist for the mattress – to my friends, my parents, my coworkers. My coworker recently purchased it and was late to the office the next day. She came directly to me and said, “Brennan. I couldn’t get out of bed. My plans for this weekend are now to lie in bed.” 

It really is that good, and it saves you so much money.  I feel that everyone should know! 

So if you are considering upgrading a mattress,  I feel sure you can find the one that’s right for you!

Where You Can Find this Best Mattress Ever:

Head on over to Amazon to check out this amazing, cheap mattress that will check all your boxes.* (If you need more reassurance, you can check out the over 11,000 5-star reviews!)

If you order today, you could be sleeping in paradise in just 2-3 days (as long as you have Prime. Really, if you don’t, just do a free 30-day trial here for the shipping!!*)

Happy dreams to you!

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