The Really Good, Really Cheap Mattress You Need In Your Life

Mattress shopping.

It can be a huge source of anxiety – with so many choices, awkward in-person show rooms, troublesome transport/delivery and worry of a big financial expense.

When my husband and I upgraded our mattress several years ago, we were surprised and relieved to find MUCH better options available online.

High-quality, extremely affordable, and delivered to your door!

At about a tenth of the cost of other brands, we decided to give it a try. I want to tell you all about the best mattress we found for under $300!

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I only recommend products & services I love. I received a Novilla Serenity Hybrid mattress at no cost prior to writing this review.

If you have questions, you can find the full site terms & conditions here.


The Novilla Serenity Hybrid Mattress

While we do have a queen memory foam mattress similar to Novilla’s Bliss mattress, we decided to try the hybrid version – which marries the comfort of foam with the support of spring mattresses.

This is a really interesting approach to a mattress, and we have really enjoyed it.

What do you mean ‘hybrid’?

Anyone can view the breakdown or construction of the layers on Novilla’s site. Their innovative layers include:

  • Bamboo rayon fiber cover resistant to mold, dust, and dander
  • Cooling gel-infused memory foam – this topper helps manage body heat throughout the night
  • Comfort foam – helps with spine and body alignment
  • Independent pocket spring – protects against motion transfer, provides tons of support without being too firm, and is extremely durable
  • High density base foam – serves as the base of the mattress and provides further support

Favorite Features

In our experience, these layers above do what they claim to do and have proven to be a great option for us.


We definitely feel supported, more than we did in our completely memory-foam mattress.

While some people like the feeling of sinking into a mattress, I feel like this level of firmness prevents that feeling – while also relieving pressure and feeling comfortable.

Ease of Movement

It is much easier to move around or out of the bed with the spring support. It accomplishes this ease of movement and edge support without being too firm.

Movement Isolation vs. Transfer

I feel that completely memory-foam mattresses do the best job of isolating movement between partners; however, it still is minimal in this mattress.

Temperature Control

The mattress definitely allows for more air flow and cooling, whereas memory foam ones can get a bit suffocating.

Even during pregnancy with lots of changes in body temperature, I feel like the cooling aspect really helped!

Delivery & Setup

Additionally, I loved how easy it was to set up our mattress. It arrived packaged airtight like a burrito! All we did was cut the packaging – although be careful, the springs can result in quite the unravelling! We let it rest for the 72 hours suggested before sleeping on it.

10-Year Warranty

This is as good as many $3,000 mattresses! I love that I can have confidence in our mattress lasting us as long as we need it to.

More warranty details here but think about it this way:

If you only spend $300 on a mattress that is guaranteed to last you 10 years, that averages $30 a year or as low as $2.5 a month. Just some nerdy, fun math for you 🙂


Oftentimes, a budget-friendly option isn’t very environment-friendly – in quality, shipping, etc. However, Novilla makes this a priority not only in how they ship (mentioned above) but also in how they manufacture. From their website,

At Novilla, all our foam has a CertiPUR-US® Certification. The mattress covers are made from natural, environmentally friendly, organic bamboo carbon fiber material, free of harmful substances to make sure you sleep safely.

Purchasing Details

Sizing & Options

The mattress comes at 10-inch thickness but can be purchased in twin, full, queen, and king.

If you are interested in any of their other mattress options – all priced extremely affordably – you can see a mattress comparison here.

Best Deals & Discounts

Although Novilla products are sold on Amazon, at the time of this post, I find the BEST prices are almost always on Novilla’s direct site. All orders are free shipping, so it is definitely the best deal!

Even better, you can use code OURHOMEONPURPOSE for 10% off your purchase.

Shipping & Delivery

As mentioned above, orders ship FREE which is a huge cost-saver with such a large item.

Important things to note:

  • Products are only available for US purchase only (currently excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and several other non-contiguous locations; see site for full details)
  • Shipment is provided through FedEx/UPS and you receive a tracking number within 1-2 business days that can easily & conveniently be tracked on their site.
  • Most packages arrive between 3 and 6 days!

No assembly is required – only the unwrapping and resting for 72 hours.

30-Day Trial & 10-Year Warranty

Mattress preferences are such a personal thing, and you truly can’t know if one will work for you until you try it.

Fortunately, if you don’t love the mattress after the recommended 2-3 week adjustment/trial period, you can initiate a full-refund return.

Additionally, Novilla explains that “Should you encounter any quality problems after that, feel free to contact our support team as all our mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty... If there are any defects or problems with your products, we will offer you a replacement or repair the product.”

Full warranty details are disclosed online.

This definitely makes the investment reliable and dependable for years to come!

Best Mattress under $300

In conclusion, we feel like we’ve definitely lucked out in finding Novilla mattresses.

It is rare that something is:

  • high quality/performance
  • good for your budget
  • good for the environment
  • reliable for years to come

To get your own:

Click here for the Novilla Serenity Hybrid Mattress or check out the Bliss Memory Foam Mattress as a great alternative.

If you’re undecided, here’s the full product spread with a detailed comparison!

And most importantly, don’t forget to use your code OURHOMEONPURPOSE to get 10% off your purchase. That’s a lot of savings!

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