The proven way to
work smarter, not harder
in your home

How many times have you enthusiastically begun a new schedule for cleaning, planning or prepping meals, or organizing your calendar- thinking this is it…

But after a few days or weeks, you struggle to stay motivated and to gain any momentum?

In the midst of life’s endless demands for your time and energy, there’s just not enough willpower left at the end of the day to stick to your plans. 


We've all been there.

All of us seem to think that the outcome will be different next time:

If I just try harder…

If I find the right system…

If I just buckle down and make myself do it…

We think the reason we fail to stick to our plans is because there is something wrong with us.

The good news?

We don't need to try harder.

We need to change the way we try.

Research has shown that the way we implement new changes – whether related to health, wellness, or our homes – is at the core of our success or failure.

The cornerstone of this research is utilizing the power of habits – training our brain to create automatic behaviors over time – and relying less on willpower and chance.

I believe habits are the missing piece and the key to solving our homemaking frustrations.

Do you need the power of habits in your home?


I don’t claim to be a habits expert.

I am, however, a passionate student of anything that can help us “work smarter, not harder” in our homes and I’m willing to share my notes! Think of me as your personal Hermione Granger. 🙂

I’ve gathered the best of what psychology, business, and neuroscience have to say about successful goals and habits – and curated them into 21 short, practical lessons in Habits-Based Homemaking.

This cheat-sheet-style guide will kickstart your habits and unlock the intentional, lasting rhythms you’ve always wanted in your home.

What's inside?

Goal Setting

8 lessons to form goals you are more likely to successfully achieve


6 lessons on taking the first step and developing momentum

Habits Formation

7 lessons on turning your behaviors into automatic habits

Habits-Based Homemaking

Only $9

Note: Habits-Based Homemaking is included as a bonus in the full product bundle of Home, Clean Home.

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