8 Mix-&-Match Engagement Gift Ideas (that Aren’t Bridal Magazines!)

Isn’t it fun when someone you love gets engaged?! Whether it’s your friend, family member, child, or someone else, you want to them to know you’re excited for them, but it can sometimes be hard to come up with a good engagement gift. They really don’t need that many bridal magazines or planning binders, you know?

Maybe you just want something small to pair with a sweet note. Maybe you’ve got a bigger budget and want to fill a basket with a variety of items. Either way, here are 8 of my go-to gifts for celebrating an engagement, and I hope this helps you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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1. Ring accessories

I have given this ring cleaner* for multiple engagement gifts, and it’s always a huge hit! My sister-in-law even let me use it on my ring, and I can vouch for it doing an amazing job.

Pair it with a cute ring holder like this*, or nail polish with bridal themed names for a perfect engagement gift! These are some great ideas:

  • OPI – Baby, Take a Vow
  • Orly – Kiss the Bride
  • essie – Blushing Bride
  • essie – Lace To The Altar

2. Framed engagement photo

I love doing this! It’s something that most people love to have, but it can get lost in the I-must-book-every-wedding-vendor-right-away frenzy. Go ahead and do this for them by snagging a photo from social media and a great frame!

3. Countdown printable

I really like giving some sort of countdown “tool” to help them look forward to the big day! It’s also fun because it shows you are excited with them. 

My favorite, super-easy way to create a countdown is to print a template & put it in a frame. The glass or plastic cover acts just like a dry-erase board! Here are 3 different printables you can use in a 5×7 frame. Just pair with a dry-erase marker, and you’re good to go!

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Instant download – no email required.

Important: You will need to unzip or extract the files before using the individual JPGs.

4. Thank-you notes & great pens

The engagement/wedding process requires so. many. thank-you. notes. It’s a great thing, because it means that so many people care and support you! Make it easier for the bride/groom-to-be and give them some cute thank-you notes* to have on hand. Bonus if you give them great pens* to go with the thank-you notes! If your hand is going to hurt from all the expressions of gratitude, it might as well be made easier with a pen you love.

5. Coffee, tea, or gift card

Wedding planning requires a lot of hours on the couch or in a coffee shop researching, booking, & making arrangements. Give the gift of caffeine via their favorite coffee or tea, or a gift card to Starbucks* or their favorite shop!

6. Personalized gifts

Of course, Etsy* is full of options when it comes to personalized gifts*. (<< Even this link is FULL of so many cute ideas.)

A neat take on engagement gifts is to focus on the (potential) change of initials or new home together – and create a unique, personalized item!

7. Date night ideas/certificates

It can be easy to focus on all the plans, but what’s really important is nurturing the relationship and preparing for marriage. Give them the gift of time to focus on each other & create new memories together.

Whether it’s a gift card to a restaurant, a wine tasting, a Red Box certificate*, bowling or whatever- “gifts of experience” can be the best gifts of all. I’m really working to incorporate this type of gifting for all occasions!

8. Coupons for your time or service

I almost always include this in gift ideas because it can be a great way to support loved ones with a fun twist! Think about how you could help them during the engagement and wedding planning process. You can simply offer your help in a card or make coupons for them to “redeem” when:

  • They need opinions on wedding decisions.
  • They need a coffee or glass of wine to de-stress!
  • They need help packing up all the wedding supplies.
  • They need help running errands for the wedding.

This can be a great thing to throw in with other items and can really communicate your specific support & excitement during such a special time.

Marriage truly is something worth celebrating, and from my own experience, I know it’s made all the more special when friends & family celebrate with you. Here’s to sharing in the excitement with those we love!

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