35+ Gift Ideas for New Moms for Postpartum Self-Care

Welcoming a baby into the world is an experience unlike any other. My postpartum days were truly the hardest season of my life to-date (thanks to postpartum anxiety) and I learned more deeply than ever two important lessons:

  1. You cannot care for anyone else if you’re not taken care of yourself.
  2. You NEED the support of others to help you do that.

I am profoundly grateful for the tangible and intangible support that I received as a new mom, and it has made me committed to supporting other new moms in those early emotional, hormonal, sleepless, learning-curve days of postpartum life.

Fortunately, it seems like you’re here for the same reason 🙂

The best gifts for a new mom support her taking care of herself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Whether it is food, services, entertainment, comfort items, or an encouraging note, I promise your care and concern will mean the world to her.

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gift ideas for new mom for postpartum self care, with free coupons for new moms

The Best Gift Ideas for New Moms (that aren’t for the baby)

This guide is focused exclusively on gifts to help your new-mom-friend feel a little less stressed and a little more herself during the craziness that is postpartum and life with a newborn.

As you sort through these ideas, most of the products will seem SO small, and of course they won’t take away the difficulties of those early weeks- but I’m telling you, all these items made me feel more comfortable, a little extra special, and surrounded with tangible reminders of how many people were helping me through this time!

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Help her meet her physical needs.

When you are focused entirely on meeting the needs of a dependent newborn, it is easy to meet your own needs of food and water. This only leaves moms feeling more exhausted and worn down. Help with gifts like these!

  1. Doctors and family members will be telling her to chug water all the time, so treat her to a new water bottle. (These bottles will forever & always be the main reason I drink enough water*)
  2. Bring a home-cooked meal by choosing one of these recipes! If you’re long-distance or can’t find time to cook, delivery is a wonderful option as well.
  3. Being up at all hours means moms are often STARVING with no time or mental energy to put together a good snack. Make it easy with pre-portioned, handy snacks for her to grab. (My go-to’s are here*here*, and here*)
  4. Whether your friend needs a warm drink or a much-needed caffeine boost, pick up some coffee or tea – bonus points for a mug that keeps things warm and avoids the constant microwaving of unconsumed beverages!*

Create a comfortable environment.

I feel like I am always reaching for hair ties, headbands, lip balm, or hand sanitizer these days. Having plenty on hand, especially if they are nicer versions than I would normally buy myself*, is so helpful!

I also received a cozy blanket*, robe, and socks that made late-night feedings so much more comfortable! This is especially true for babies born in winter, and this blanket is still my absolute favorite.

While bath bombs are great if your friend enjoys baths, I found that relaxing body washes and lotions were more practical and made quick showers feel like “me-time”. These non-toxic options are great, as well as this classic lavender lotion.

I was also given these nighttime essential oils to diffuse. Not only are they relaxing, they also help moms make the most of those short sleep windows! well as these specific essential oils* to diffuse at night!

Specific gifts for breastfeeding moms

Breastfeeding moms have a few more physical/comfort items that can be helpful:

Of course, all of these items can be given individually with an encouraging note or put together as a gift basket, “survival kit”, or care package.

new mom gift basket after birth labor delivery new mom care package things to take to a new mom new mom survival kit postpartum gift for new mom practical pampering diy gifts

Make household responsibilities easy & convenient.

Give her an outlet for entertainment & mental stimulation.

I watched an obnoxious amount of TV during those slow nursing sessions! Especially if your friend is a first-time mom and doesn’t have other kids running around, consider gifting her a Netflix or Hulu subscription.

I also listened to a lot of podcasts & audiobooks when I felt I had the mental capacity. Whether it’s comedy, parenting, or a personal interest, this can be an amazing way to get outside of the “baby brain” and find some balance. You can easily purchase an Audible subscription as a gift here– available in 1, 3, 6 and 12-month options.

Provide a helping hand.

Combining some of the ideas above, and adding some other personal ways to lend a hand to new parents, I made these free printable coupons!

While most people won’t go out of their way to “redeem” them, these cards open the door for different ways you can make yourself available to them. They include:

  1. Bringing dinner
  2. Buying groceries or running errands
  3. Cleaning their house
  4. Taking a “night shift” so they can sleep
  5. Taking a “day shift” so they can shower, work out, nap, whatever!
  6. Entertaining sibling(s) for an afternoon
  7. Walking their dog(s)
  8. Being on call for general adult interaction & conversations
  9. Babysitting (down the road, of course!)

The sets are available in blue, grey, or pink.

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FREE, No email required.

Important: You will need to unzip or extract the files before using the individual JPGs.

Provide encouragement and kind words.

In addition to gifts and acts of service, words of affirmation are HUGE. You can incorporate this into your gift in a variety of ways:

new mom gift basket after birth labor delivery new mom care package things to take to a new mom new mom survival kit postpartum gift for new mom practical pampering diy gifts

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