25+ Gift Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms

It is a huge privilege to have a financial and family situation that allows you to be a stay-at-home parent. 

It comes with many joys of seeing all your children’s firsts and allows you to flexibility and capacity to become your home and family’s COO (that should probably be the real title!). 

But as most know, it comes with mental, physical and even spiritual challenges. When I became a SAHM, it was difficult to lose my professional identity, the majority of my adult interaction, and a reliable sense of accomplishment each day.

Also, it’s a big responsibility to be the primary influence in a child’s development – while also leading the charge in homemaking.

Whether you are a SAHM yourself or have close loved ones that are, you know that we QUICKLY would all say that it’s worth it. But I mention these struggles because thinking about the day-to-day experience of stay-at-home parents can help us give thoughtful, practical, and encouraging gifts that meet them right where they are.

I have gathered – from my own experiences, friends, and bloggers – 35 gift ideas to buy for stay-at-home moms. The gifts spread across six categories:

  1. Self-care
  2. Improving daily experiences
  3. Social interaction, hobbies, and creativity
  4. Household responsibilities
  5. Family experiences
  6. Encouragement

I hope you find something for your loved one in the beautiful trenches of child-rearing 🙂

Special note – if you are specifically shopping for a new mom in the postpartum season, please check out this post with more related ideas.

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On all of my other posts, I only recommend products that I have used and loved, but due to the nature of this round-up of ideas, I may not have used every item. Some of them were just too great not to include!

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Self-care-related gifts are often the first that come to mind for SAHMs, and for good reason.

No matter how much support they may have from partners, family, or friends, moms consistently struggle to take care of themselves in the midst of always caring for others.

Many SAHMs I asked about gift ideas agree that sometimes it’s not until they receive a self-care gift from someone else that they make time to actually treat themselves.  The gift can also be a reminder or “excuse” for your mom friend to take some time to herself. 

At-home Pampering Gifts

Any pampering gift like a face mask, body scrub, bubble bath, bath bombs, or lotions that helps them take a break from being productive, pay attention to their body, and just relax.

Check out the great, clean options in this section of Target’s site.

Massage or Spa Treatment

Picking up kids, letting them in and out of cars, constantly being on your feet, cleaning, cooking — it is HARD physical work caring for a home and family full-time. Massages are the perfect gift to help!

If you have a smaller budget and can’t splurge on a fancy spa, Groupon can be a great place to find discounted services from local spas or even chiropractors who offer massage. Just do your research to verify good reviews. 

Same goes with facials, manicures. or pedicures.

Stitch Fix (or similar service)

I recently tried Stitch Fix while given a large credit, and to my surprise -not only did I get some great items, it made me feel so special and thought-for that someone hand-picked those items for me.

I think this can be a great gift for SAHMs who don’t have time to shop but need to have clothes that make them feel confident and prepared for their day.

You can send gift cards here, and your SAHM can complete the style quiz and preferences herself. (Or you can use my referral link and get $25 off your first order.)

A Day Off

If you are considering a large gift, go big with a hotel voucher paired with childcare (either pre-arranged with a spouse or family member, offer from you personally, or money for a trusted babysitter).

Ask any mom if this sounds good, and there’s a 99.99% chance they will speechlessly agree 🙂


As important as self-care moments are, it can be challenging in demanding seasons of life for SAHMs to find a longer period of time just for themselves.

One solution is to support them by making ordinary moments feel special. I like to think of these as mood boosters, whether it’s adding music, comfort, nice scents, treats, or just a thoughtful item throughout their daily experience.

These are budget-friendly, for any occasion, and still really make a big difference.

Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it’s a bluetooth speaker strictly for music or an Alexa Dot to help with timers, reminders, and more — a hands-free device like this is so helpful. I personally find that my whole mood is better if there is music going, and it’s even better when I can just ask Alexa to start it!

Spill-Proof Coffee Mug

For all parents, I think one of the BEST gifts is a coffee mug that prevents spills and keeps your drink warm. No more microwaving the same cup of coffee 3 times or worrying about another knocked-over mug.

If you’re not a fan of the travel mug, this Zak mug is a fun alternative that still feels like a normal mug with a handle. 🙂 (Other brands and options available on Amazon.)

Essential Oils or Candles

Scents can brighten the mood in a home instantly.

Karen, a SAHM to 4 boys and blogging friend over at Lightly Frayed, shared this: “I love my diffuser and essential oils – even if I’m reading in bed, plugging it in helps me feel like I’m at a spa.

Whether your loved one prefers candles (go handmade!) or essential oils, these are go-to gifts.

Nighttime or Bath “Treats”

Like we’ve said, not all pampering/self-care can happen in its own designated time.

But we can make certain rituals and existing moments of self-care a little more special with the right products!

You could purchase any or a combo of the following:

Personally these are some of my favorite gifts because they are so practical (something I would probably need anyway) but nicer and more special than I would normally pay for myself. This is such a fun way to treat a SAHM who is short on time.

FitBit or other fitness tracker

This unexpected idea comes from The Military Wife and Mom – but I think it’s so creative and unique.

So she doesn’t have time to head out for a run everyday or hit the gym, but she’ll be surprised how much exercise she already gets running around chasing after the kids! Give the stay at home mom the gift of encouragement through this stylish Fitbit. She can see where she’s already excelling and it’s such a fun tool to view sleeping, exercise and more!

From: Gift Ideas for Stay at Home Moms – full post here

Shop around to find one in your budget.


One very neglected area for many stay-at-home parents (and parents in general) is recharging through social and/or creative outlets.

This type of gift will take a little more personal knowledge of what the person likes and how they recharge. However, it is certainly worth mentioning and brainstorming, because numerous studies show how essential these habits are to our mental health. Using your gift to support these efforts is a great encouragement!

Pre-paid Friend Dates

For especially close friends, buy a coffee gift card and commit to scheduling several coffee dates throughout the year. You could also choose a favorite restaurant or wine bar.

Similarly, you can book a class for both of you to do together related to a shared interest – cooking, crafting, exercise, yoga, whatever you enjoy!

Creative Supplies

If your friend already has an existing hobby or had a creative outlet that has now been forgotten, consider getting some tools or supplies that will help them devote time to that.

You can remind them that they don’t have to spend hours on it but that even a few minutes here and there will do wonders for their creativity. 🙂

Entertainment Subscriptions

Watching your favorite TV show certainly counts as a hobby, especially during the most demanding seasons of parenting. Consider a Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, or Disney+ subscription depending on their preferences. Even better if you choose a show to watch together and chat about after!


I think there’s an age-old adage about not giving a woman a vacuum as a gift, but as a SAHM who can get bored and overwhelmed with cleaning the same messes every day, I think it is 100% appropriate and practical to help a mom with household responsibilities. 🙂

Focus on products that save time, certificates that give her a break, or tools that make her job easier and maybe even a little more fun!

Time-Saving Products

You can see all my recommended products for cleaning & organizing here, but there are a variety of products that are especially time-saving and would make wonderful gifts if they fall within your budget.

“Luxury” Cleaning Supplies

Similar to the candles, bath soaps, and other scented gifts mentioned already, “premium” cleaners that smell nice can make a big difference during the task!

Think nicer versions than she would normally buy herself: hand soaps, dish soap, hand sanitizer, and all-purpose cleaner. Grover Collaborative, Mrs. Meyers, or an organic-all-natural brand can be the perfect way to splurge.

Delivery Services

Did you know you can give an Amazon Prime subscription as a gift? Having access to 2-day free shipping, Subscribe & Save, photo management, and more would be an amazing gift to save time, trips to the store, and stress for SAHMs. Choose a 3-month subscription or a full year here.

Similar, you can give an Instacart gift card (or similar service) to get groceries delivered to her door from stores like Publix, Aldi, Target, and more. (Get $10 off your first order here.)

Meal or Food Gift Cards

Similar to groceries, gift cards to restaurants or to food-delivery services always take the stress off SAHMs at dinnertime or on special occasions.

A friend of mine recommended Grub Hub and shared that it’s “helpful on crazy days when it is hard to cook/feed yourself.” 🙂

Certificates for Services

I’ve seen gift certificates for full-home cleaning recommended for new moms especially, but this is a wonderful gift for any parent. You can purchase a variety of services – routine cleaning, deep cleaning, organizing, or home projects.

Karen at Lightly Frayed suggested, “Anything that will help me move ahead on a project. My sister is a home organizer and my husband gifted me with her time – it was magical to tackle projects that had been weighing me down for a long time.”

Bonus points if you can remember a household responsibility that they really don’t enjoy and can remove, improve or streamline it for them 🙂


While alone time can be the golden ticket for a stay-at-home mom, so can a special memory-making activity with her family! This is especially true if she is not in charge of planning or budgeting or executing it. 🙂

Family Outings

A blogging friend and SAHM, Jill, from Engineered Life, suggested so many great ideas: bowling night, trampoline park, hike, geocaching, picnic in the park, watching a local sports team.

She also pointed out how special it is if time is arranged with one child at a time.

Ongoing Membership

You can also consider memberships to the zoo, children’s museum, or anywhere to help her fill the kids’ day positively!)

Date Nights

Time with a spouse is also important – and probably more rare!

Whether you put together a full date-night jar or just one gift certificate to encourage them to get out, she will appreciate the thoughtful excuse to spend some time together.

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At all my former jobs, I have never experienced as much self-doubt, uncertainty, and overwhelm as I do being a parent. It is so hard to know if you’re doing a good job and the thank you’s can be few and far between, especially when your children are little. Many moms often feel like their days are all the same, and their hard work goes unnoticed.

Fortunately there are many gifts that can directly encourage a stay-at-home parent and remind them of what a wonderful job they’re doing when they need it most.

Prints and Quotes

You can’t go wrong with framed art with quotes about motherhood or parenting.

One of my all-time favorites has handlettered options on Etsy:

“Children are not a distraction from more important work, they are the most important work. – CS Lewis, see print here

Also, the Military Wife and Mom has some spot-on affirmations in printable form that would be so encouraging to a mom. Check them out here!

Image credit – themilitarywifeandmom.com

Journals or Devotionals

You could also encourage her with a daily-devotional-type read. I was given The Magic of Motherhood, and I’ve loved picking it up on an especially hard day.

Also, consider a gratitude journal. Many studies show the connection of gratitude practices and happier, more positive people – so why not encourage your mom friend to see the good things in each day (even when they’re chaotic)?

“What I Love about Mom”

CafeMom recommends this beautiful, brilliant book: What I Love about Mom. While this would be best given from the spouse & kids, this gift idea could still be coordinated or prompted by a friend. 😉

A Personal Note

Never underestimate the power of a personal note. Give specific of examples of what makes her a great parent and how you’ve seen her do a great job. It’ll help them see it for themselves and actually believe you.   I honestly can’t think of a better gift than this.

 What’s next? 

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Choosing a meaningful gift for a stay-at-home mom can make a huge impact. Whether it encourages them in their own self-care, social interactions, hobbies, household responsibilities, family activities, or personal growth — here are over 25 ideas to help you find the perfect one for the SAHM in your life.

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